Obstacle Course Challenges for Juniors
If you're looking for a unique birthday party for your child that's different to your average sports or themed activity... then look no further than Ultm8 Warrior Parties! 

What we do...

‚ÄčA typical party runs for 2hrs with a 20min break in the middle, each party begins a warrior themed warm up. We then venture onto the obstacle course and tackle our time trial run throughs. Viking shield games and tackling the mighty Thor follow a brief intermission, wet sponges and even our water slide can be used in this section!

Other games are also available such as throwing Zulu Spears and possibly even fire the Cross Bows!

See below for available dates...

Birthday Parties are typically for a session of up to 20 children. We do travel all over the country for our parties so do get in touch regardless of your location!

An Ultm8 Warrior Party can be run at your local school, club, park or in your own back garden!

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