Obstacle Course Challenges for Juniors
Ultm8 Warrior creates a safe and controlled environment where children can enjoy new and exciting forms of physical exercise. Our activities are all themed on warrior tribes such as the Apaches, Ninjas, Vikings and Romans! Our long term goal is to inspire a generation of technological wiz-kids to take back the outdoors and to choose an active over sedentary lifestyle! All activities and obstacles are designed to develop the fundamentals of movement which are key to all sports; agility, balance and coordination (ABC's)


Overview of Ultm8 Warrior

Why Franchise with us?

Founded by Daniel Scott in 2013, Ultm8 Warrior is the first and only activity that runs warrior themed obstacle course challenges at events, schools, training camps & private functions. Our primary aim is to increase participation in physical activity amongst children 4-13 years of age. All activities are geared towards developing the fundamentals of movement: agility, balance and coordination.
Over the last few years, we have seen a huge growth of different sports in the UK. With a childhood obesity problem in the UK and Europe, offering kids a fun and unique sport is new, attractive to parents and makes you standout in the marketplace.

Buying in your area

Each Ultm8 Warrior franchisee will have the ability to operate within their set franchise area. This may be as large as a major city such as Manchester, Glasgow or Cardiff; or a less populated county area such as Leicestershire, Dorset or Monmouthshire.

Find out more...

To find out more about our Franchising opportunities, Contact Us today to receive an information pack and preliminary application form. Franchise areas will be offered on a first come first serve basis so don't miss out and enquire today!

​Benefits of an Ultm8 Warrior Franchise

Are you the right fit for us?

As a lead Ultm8 Warrior coach (or “Chief”), you can access support and benefits including but not limited to:

1. A full training manual and course syllabus to help you             smoothly structure & deliver your camps, clubs & parties
2. Full marketing toolkit including leaflet and poster designs
3. Health and safety – made easy – the forms are done for you
4. Preferential rates for Insurance
5. Access to Ultm8 system on website
6. Your own page on website
7. Benefit from central head office marketing and PR initiatives
8. Branded uniform and coaching certificate
9. Support and help to get your business up and running
10. Ongoing mentoring and support via coaches facebook page
11. Proven business model that works – see earning potential
12. Ongoing training and development
13. Merchandise available at good margin – another revenue stream
Franchisees at Ultm8 Warrior range from sports professionals, coaches, personal trainers, ex-teachers, OCR enthusiasts, marketing professionals & small business owners. A background in sports coaching is not essential but a love of working outdoors & a passion for helping our little warriors reach their full potential is!
​The main characteristics our most successful franchisees share are:

E​nthusiasm: without exception our franchisees have a real passion for what they do.
Good work ethic: running your own business is not easy, and working from home can be lonely.  Successful franchisees have the strength to keep going when faced with challenges, and to show determination.
Strong communication skills: franchisees have to train and manage coaches, build working relationships with other franchisees and work with members of the Head Office team.  The ability to communicate well is critical to the success of their business.
Good administrative skills: whilst the Ultm8 Warrior registration system has been designed to minimize the day-to-day administration involved in running the business, attention to detail and strong IT skills are very useful in running a franchise.
Fit and active: franchisees need to be able to deliver their sessions & most importantly set up the obstacle course!