Obstacle Course Challenges for Juniors
Ultm8 Warrior is the first company to launch a Junior Obstacle course challenge series for the whole of the UK to take part in! The Ultm8 Warrior events range across several regional areas all the way from Glasgow to the New Forest! We offer 20 events scheduled for 2017, however, our aim is to expand to all corners of the land so that children from anywhere in the UK can take part in our awesome challenge and become the Ultm8 Warrior!


(please note these prices are for our main Ultm8 Warrior events and may be different if held in conjunction with other partner events)

Suitable for ages 4-13yrs

Click on the icon of the event you'd like your little warrior to take part in, click on the "Register Now" link and follow the directions to register! For more information on our Ultm8 Warrior event series, check out our FAQ's section.

Upcoming 2017 EVENTS

Mud Monsters Ninjas

Mud Monsters Run, East Grin Stead, RH19 4RR  -  Saturday 8th October 2017
Eventbrite - Mud Monsters Ninjas

Invncbl Rookies

Coedarhydyglyn Estate, Cardiff     -     Saturday, 28th October 2017
invncbl - penbryn

Space Cadets Junior Challenge

Toomer Farm, Somerset, BA8 0PH -     Saturday, 4th November 2017
Eventbrite - Space Cadets Junior Challenge