Obstacle Course Challenges for Juniors
Event FAQs
What is Ultm8 Warrior?
Ultm8 Warrior is the UK's first Obstacle Course Challenge event that is exclusive to Juniors. Our obstacles are themed on Warrior tribes such as the Apaches, Vikings and Romans. For example, Tee-Pee Tunnels for the Apaches and Shield Carrying for the Vikings and Romans! With over 50 obstacles to choose from, a Mini Warrior will never run through the same course twice! For more information on Ultm8 Warrior, check out the About tab.

Why all the Warrior Themed Obstacles?
Obstacles are a great way to test a child's ABC's (Agility, Balance & Coordination) with crawling, jumping, carrying and throwing challenges. These are also transferable skills which will help them develop in other sporting fields; throwing our Zulu spears will help them with track & field, cricket and rounders whereas facing Thor on the battlefield will help with evasion games such as Rugby!

What makes Ultm8 Warrior different to other Obstacle Course Challenges events?
Other adult obstacle course challenges do run junior events. Ultm8 Warrior is a Junior challenge, de specifically design our obstacles and our courses to suit the size and build of children of multiple ages. We also offer multiple course routes within a course to offer children of different ages and abilities to challenge themselves. Our uniquely designed course also allows for greater spectating and valuable photo opportunities for parents!

How do I enter my child?
Ultm8 Warrior uses an online only registration process.  Either choose a Ultm8 Warrior Challenge or a Junior Challenge near you and click the ‘Enter Now’ button.

Can I enter more that one event at a time?
Yes! All our challenges are available right up until 3 days before the day of the event. So you can sign up for one or all of them if you wish!

What is included in the entry fee?
Your fee includes entry into the most fun yet toughest junior challenge in the UK, Warrior Face Paint and finishers medal! We will also have Ultm8 Warrior merchandise available for purchase when you sign up and on the day of the event.

Why do we start in heats?
Heats are designed to break up the flow of children running through obstacles as well as give them a bit of room to stretch their legs and run at their own pace. They also offer a healthy divide between course routes. For example there will not be a child running a 1km course in the same heat as one running the 2km course.

Can I view the course?
Of course! There will be a print out of the course on the day of the event as well as a generic course map on The Course page.

Where can I get photos of the event?
Professional photos will be taken and available to purchase at our Ultm8 Warrior Challenge events but not at Junior Challenges. Details of how and when you can purchase event photos will follow closer to the time.

What age do I need to be to enter?
Our minimum age is 5yrs up to 15yrs old on the day of the event. Our heats, however, are based on ability and are therefore are open to all ages! We do not recommend that children aged 5-7yrs take on any other course than the 1Km one. You will also be required to sign a waiver to confirm your child's fitness for the event.

My child is under 5, can he participate?
As our insurance policy doesn't cover children under 5 participating in our challenges we are unable to allow them to participate alone. However (if you are a fit and able parent) you are welcome to run around with your youngster!


How do I register?
Choose your chosen Event and follow the online instructions. If you have a large team it make be easier to Contact us directly.

Do I get a confirmation email?
Yes, you will receive a confirmation email from our registration company confirming your entry. All event info is sent via email so it’s essential you give the correct email address and also keep an eye on your spam inbox in case things end up in there.

When is the closing date for entries?
Deadlines for the 2014 events is three days prior to the day of the event. In future, there may be several deadlines leading up to this date where the price increases, so be sure to enter early if you want the best deal.

Why is there a handling fee?
Our registration partner charges for the cost of transaction with the bank. Ultm8 Warrior has soaked up some of these costs so that each participant only pays £1 plus 6.5% of the entry fee towards the transaction & payment fee. This is much lower than most other events.

Are my credit/debit card details safe?
Yes, this is why we chose to work in partnership with Active Network. They are a world leading event registration company and have maximum security ratings.  The biggest event companies in the world (such as Ironman) use the same company.  Check them out on google for more info.

Can I register any other way other than online?
Yes, you may wish to pay by check or an online bank transfer if this suites you, however we advise that you use the online method as it is most safe and your information is better protected. It is also worth noting that the registration fee for Ultm8 Warrior Challenges will be higher if you choose to pay on the day of the event.

How can I get a discount?
You can get a discount by entering early, the earlier you enter the larger the discount.  You can also receive an extra discount by entering with a team, so why not get your mates to join you?

Can I run for a charity?
Yes, we would support anyone who participates and raises money for charity. Our main charity partner for 2014 is Scotty's Little Soldiers, upon registering for an event you will be given the option to fund raise for this charity.


How many people do I need to make a team?
The minimum number for an official team entry is 2 people. The maximum size of a team is 35 as this is the maximum size of a heat. Any teams over 20 will be offered the option of running in their own private heat!

Do you have team discounts?
Not for 2014 events, as this is our first year we are offering all our challenges at £5 per child (a deal that is £15 better than any other!). In 2015 events onwards, the more Warriors you have in your team means the more discount you will receive.

Can the size of team change?
Yes. However, we have set discounts for different team sizes and you must reach the minimum requirements. If you end up with more team members than anticipated, we will still honour the original discount for extra team members.

How do I add mates to my team?
On the registration page you will be asked if you are an ‘Individual,’ ‘Creating a New Team’ or ‘Joining an Existing Team.’ The team captain chooses a team name and a team code and forwards these details to all other team members. Participants wanting to join an existing team will need to use the EXACT team name and team code when prompted in the registration process. Make sure you get the team name and code from your team captain as this is the only way we can apply the discount.

Does everyone need to enter at the same time?
No, the Team Captain will set up the team and additional members can enter anytime afterwards. Warning – team members will not be able to join if the event has sold out and they will also not be able to select the same starting heat if it is full. We strongly advise team members to book as soon as possible after the team captain to avoid disappointment.

Do we all go in the same heat?
Yes, but ONLY if you all select the same heat. The Team Captain selects the wave and then passes this information to all team members (along with the team name and code).

Is there any prizes?
Yes, but only at the Ultm8 Warrior Challenges. Awards will be given to the fastest boy and girl form each age group as well as awards for the best fancy dress and team with the best Warrior Spirit!


How should I train for Ultm8 Warrior?
Firstly, youngsters should keep playing their chosen sport. Ultm8 Warrior is an extreme event and different from what most young aspiring athletes have ever experienced.  The shorter distance is 1Km so being able to cover this distance is a minimum requirement.  The terrain and obstacles will make this much harder than a standard run (expect to double your time!).  You will be able to find out tips on how your child can prepare him or herself on our Warrior Training page.

What should I wear?
It’s the summer but it’s also the UK so our advice is to come prepared! Youngsters can wear their normal sporting gear (weather permitting) outdoor trainers but definately NO STUDS OR SPIKES!  We would also advise your little ones wear something you are happy for them to get wet, muddy or damaged! A full change of warm clothes is recommended if the weather is poor, along with a dark towel.

What Should I bring on the day?
A full change of clothes (optional) along with your child's running gear and a towel. There will be food outlets and a bar onsite but there is unlikely to be access to a cash point. There will also be different activities to try out, so don’t forget to bring enough money to feed the family and get involved!


Does my child need to be able to swim?
No, but they will get wet on at least one of occasion, the slip and slide obstacles being one of them! They will not be out of their depth so swimming is not a pre requisite.

What if my child can’t complete an obstacle?
Hopefully a fellow Warrior will help them out, but they really can’t complete an obstacle one of our marshals will be on hand to assist them and will offer a fore fit  as an alternative (most likely a few star jumps). 

Is there a time limit?
No, but The Chief and Obstacle Marshals will judge if struggling youngsters are fit to continue.

Will there be showers?
There are no showers at the event but there are lots of hand wash facilities close to the finish line and the caterers. It is essential that youngsters wash their hands when they finish the event and also before eating.

Will there be catering?
Yes, top quality food will be available on site along with a bar, ice cream van and more!

Can I bring a pet?
Sorry, no pets allowed, especially dogs as there are likely to be toddlers and baby's onsite.

Can I get a refund if my child decides not to enter or if they are injured?
We do not give refunds but we do offer 3 options for Warriors who are unable to take part for any reason. No changes (substitutions, transfers or deferred entries) can be made to registrations under any circumstances in the 14 days leading up to the event you have entered.

Option 1 – Substitutions

To make a substitution you need to enter your Active Network account (where you signed up for the even) and change your child's details for a new participant – full name, date of birth, gender, correct email address, medical details. Substitutions are free of charge.

Option 2 – Transferring Events

If you would like to transfer your entry to a different day, this can be done by following the same procedure as above or by Contacting us direct

Option 3 – Deferred Entry

You can defer your entry to an event the following year by Contacting us directly.

How do I volunteer?
The Ultm8 Warrior volunteers are simply unbelievable! There are lots of exciting volunteering opportunities within Ultm8 Warrior so please go to the Volunteers page or Contact us if you would like more info about volunteering in 2014.

Be an Utlm8 Warrior today!