Obstacle Course Challenges for Juniors
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Kids Obstacle Course
Ultm8 Warrior creates a safe and controlled environment where children can enjoy new and exciting forms of physical exercise. Our activities are all themed on warrior tribes such as the Apaches, Ninjas, Vikings and Romans! Our long term goal is to inspire a generation of technological wiz-kids to take back the outdoors and to choose an active over sedentary lifestyle! All kids activities and obstacles are designed to develop the fundamentals of movement which are key to all sports; agility, balance and coordination (ABC's).

What we do...

Ultm8 Warrior organise themed obstacle course kids activities at Schools, Training Camps, Birthday Parties, Events and partnering obstacle course challenge events all over the UK. Although our Training Camps are currently exclusive to the West Midlands, the larger challenge events are held all over the UK.
Kids Obstacle Course

Our Obstacles...

The Ultm8 Warrior obstacles require balancing, climbing, crawling & carrying skills to conquer them. Although most obstacles are a simple up and over (or under) others take a more "Warrior Theme" such as the Roman shield carry where parents get to bombard their little warriors with wet sponges as they try to protect themselves! All of our Ultm8 Warrior obstacles have been stress tested with adults to ensure their structural safety for children, we are also working with Obstacle Course Race Association UK to produce safety guidelines for junior obstacles. The Ultm8 Warrior Challenge events will have all of our obstacles on show for our little warriors to tackle, some examples of our larger obstacles are below...
The Ultm8 Warrior Challenge involves kids activities where they get muddy, wear face paint and complete either a 1,2 or 3km race to earn their finishers medal! They can run with their friends and enjoy conquering over 20 obstacles of varied difficulty. Our UK event series is our main attraction for each region of the UK and everyone will receive a customised medal exclusive for that year!